Continuous Stainless Steel Concealed Hinge With Ligature Resistant Hospital Tip #DH460

Product Description

BSP has engineered the hospital tip of this continuous hinge to be ligature resistant. Normal hospital tips represent a high weight bearing ligature point. By completely closing the gap between the barrel tip and the hinge leaf, this obvious ligature point has been eliminated. The tip has also been smoothed and sloped for further ligature resistance, and all mounting screws are Pin Torx tamper resistant. This hinge is approved by OMH of New York State. Constructed of 14 gauge set in stainless steel, this hinge supports a door that weighs up to 600 lbs. and a maximum width of 48”. Particularly useful for high traffic/ high abuse doors. It is offered in an 83.125 inch for seven foot doors, a 95 inch for eight foot doors, and a 188.750 inch for ten foot doors. The above hinge is also offered with an edge guard that wraps around the each side of the front and back face of the door to protect the edges.

  • Ligature resistant hospital tip with radius edge
  • Completely closed gap between barrel tip and hinge leaf to eliminate ligature
  • Full concealed, heavy duty
  • For high traffic, high abuse doors
  • For 1-3/4” doors
  • 1⁄8” door inset
  • 1⁄8” door inset
  • 48” door width maximum
  • 600 lbs. door weight maximum
  • Heavy-duty 14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • Lengths: 78-3⁄4”, 83-1⁄8”, 85”, 95” and 118-3⁄4”
  • Finishes: US32D Satin Stainless Steel or US32 
Bright Stainless Steel
  • No exposed fasteners when door is closed
  • Fasteners: 10-24 x 7⁄8” undercut, self-drilling, thread-forming tek machine screws, stainless steel and #10 x 1-1⁄4” undercut wood screws, stainless steel. All Pin Torx tamper resistant screws
  • UL & ULC fire listed
  • Fire Rating
- tested and certified by UL (U.S.A. and Canada) on 4’0” x 10’0” fire rated doors, based on the following:
    • 20 minutes – wood doors
    • 90 minutes – hollow metal and composite
    • 3 hours – hollow metal doors
  • Approved by OMH of New York State

Technical Resources

  • Specification Sheet
  • Template

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