Ligature Resistant Exhaust/Supply Grille #EG450

Product Description


The ligature resistant retrofit exhaust/supply grille is designed to replace existing grilles that are not ligature resistant. This grille is manufactured with heavy, 11 gauge aluminum and features a 1/8” thick perforated face with 1/8” holes on staggered centers. The unit has 40% free air and can be ordered in custom sizes. The offset feature of the face allows it to be oversized to produce the same airflow as your existing grille.  The fact that it is surface mounted with no interior flanges makes it an easy installation over the existing opening without alteration (favored by plant operations personnel).  It comes standard with a powder coated white finish, and all corners and edges are radiused for further safety.


The EG450 exhaust grille is specifically made for retrofit installations.  Because each existing opening has different substrate materials, the grille is not predrilled for fastening purposes.  While composed of heavy gauge aluminum, it can be easily drilled to accept the fastener of choice.  Most installations will be on the ceiling of a patient bathroom, which usually has a substrate of 5/8” hardened gypsum board.  In this case we recommend using large metal screw anchors equal to Zip-It brand at a minimum of four locations.  Initially, four 3/16” holes are drilled 2” back from each corner if the grille is 12” square or less.  For grilles that are over 12” square, we recommend an additional fastener for every six additional inches, therefore a 18”x18” grilled would have eight fasteners total.  Once the grille has been drilled, it can be held against the ceiling and the location on the ceiling marked.  The screw-in Zip-It style fasteners can then be installed in the gypsum board substrate.  The grille can now be fastened to the ceiling or wall with vandal resistant screws designed to thread into Zip-It anchors.  BSP recommends the edge of the grille be caulked with an adhesive latex caulk to seal the edge and prevent tampering.


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