Ligature Resistant Metering Faucet #SF380

Product Description

Our new patented ligature resistant metering faucet is based off the ligature resistant profile of our popular sensor faucet, but with the metering faucet giving the patient the option of hot or cold water. The duration of flow can be adjusted to change the run time depending on each environmental condition. With no batteries or electronics, maintenance on this unit has been drastically reduced. The hot and cold buttons are color coded and incorporate braille. The all metal construction is designed for maximum strength and protection from abuse, and it comes in a polished chrome finish.

BSP has designed and developed this unit to retrofit existing lavatories, or it can be specified for new design. This product is certified by IAPMO to meet UPC, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125, AB 1953 California & National low-lead requirements.

Water Conservation – Metering faucets are very efficient dispensers of water. Our metering faucet is preset to a cycle time of 5-11 seconds which can be adjusted depending on site conditions. Metering faucets also provide reassurance that the faucet won’t be left running. Virtually all the water being dispensed by the faucet is being used. There is no wasted water while hands are being washed or with the faucet being left in a partial or fully open position.

Reduced Operating Costs – Our system uses up to 75% percent less water when compared to a 2.2 gpm standard manual faucet. Because we use less water we also generate less waste water, which creates savings by lowering sewage related cost.

Quality & Reliability – All our components are designed, engineered and produced uniquely to meet our strict performance standards. Our cartridges have passed rigorous third party testing to provide consistent and reliable performance.

Technical Details

  • ADA compliant.
  • All metal housing designed for maximum strength and protection from abuse with a polished chrome finish.
  • Mechanical metering cartridge provides a predetermined runtime of water flow.
  • Fits both a standard 4” centerset and an 8″ center set with our conversion kit assembly.
  • Spray outlet along with preset cartridge time provides 0.25 gal /cycle meeting typical plumbing code requirements.
  • Faucet inlets include check valves for cross flow protection.
  • Faucet inlets include screens to prevent debris from damaging cartridges.
  • Weep holes in front of unit to allow easy draining any internal water.
  • Color coded buttons for easily recognizable operation.
  • Braille included on button indicating hot or cold.
  • Tamper resistant screws require special tooling (T25 Pin in Torx) for access.
  • Above counter access for easy timing adjustment of metering cartridges.
  • 3/8” compression inlets allow for easy connection using standard hoses.
  • Can be optionally fitted with an ASME 1070 thermostatic valve for the hot supply.
  • Preassembled for simple installation.
  • Includes a 0.5 GPM Boca outlet with key – spray/non-aerating

Shape Details

  • Ligature resistant profile.
  • Fully recessed spray outlet.

Patent # US D635,386 S

Technical Resources

  • Installation Instructions
  • Specification Sheet

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