Suicide Preventative Over the Door Alarm #DH550

Product Description

The Door Switch is an over-the-door patented pressure sensitive alarm, for inpatient behavioral healthcare facilities, that helps warn off sentinel event suicides. If a patient attempts to loop anything over the door, in a effort to hang or asphyxiate themselves, The Door Switch system will notify the staff of a suicide attempt.

The Door Switch™ is a complete hardware package that includes the following features: 

  • Designed for new construction or as a retrofit solution for inpatient behavioral healthcare facility doors
  • System keeps an electronic date and time log of the last 512 events (time of alarm, response time, audible reset time).
  • All system components are electronically supervised 24/7 and will notify if maintenance is required. Monitored doors can be isolated from the system during maintenance.
  • Electrified hinge section factory-made to fit with the switch, no cutting in the field. Separate from the continuous hinge to provide easy access for maintenance, without the need to take down the door.
  • Switch activation at one pound (1lb.) applied pressure.
  • Isolated keyswitch located by monitored room and assures patient safety.
  • Deluxe keypad used to monitor the status and reset The Door Switch™ system.
  • Strobe light placed above room door gives quick visual location.
    Audible alarm used to notify personnel of a alarm condition.

Patent Number RE42,991 and RE44,039.

Technical Resources

  • Cut Sheet
  • Product Book

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